Welcome to the only site dedicated to the Barom Kagyu flying mystics! We’re happy you found us. We are just starting out and will develop this page with lots of information. The inspiration for this came from learning about the Barom Kagyu lineage and its accomplished masters. One in particular, Salje Rinpoche who is in life retreat at Qinghai Tibetan Kham Province and in the winter months in silent retreat.

The Barom Kagyu lineage was thought to be almost extinct in the western world, but in Tibet the lineage quietly flourished with accomplished yogis primarily in the Nangchen area. At one time during the 12th century a yogi named Repa Karpo built Kumbum monastery which grew rapidly to house over 3,000 monks and nuns. At that time this monastery was equivalent to Nalanda University in India with the scholastic and yogic teachings sought by lay and dedicated practitioners throughout Tibet, Mongolia and China. Kumbum was also supported by Kubla Khan the emperor of Mongolia and China.