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The Barom Kadyu

Flying mystics…..Really!? Are they just legends? Why aren’t there any ‘flying’ around today? sure would be cheaper than airfare! 😉

We’ll have to take a closer look at a Tibetan Buddhist lineage that isn’t well known in the western hemisphere …..and a dream.

The Barom Kagyu is one of the four great Kagyu lineages which traces its history to one of Gampopa’s main disciples, Barom Dharma Wangchuk (Barompa). His heart disciple Tishri Repa propagated the lineage particularly in the Nangchen district and Kham. To learn more about the lineage click here.

Nangchen at one time covered a large area of Tibet which reached almost to Lhasa and encompassed all of what is now known as Qinghai Province, China. This was known as Gomdhe-Nangchen.

In Tibetan Gomdhe means a powerful conducive meditation area for a practitioner. Gomdhe-Nangchen was a place famous for “the 13 flying mystics” that flew across the Nangchen and Chyobrak valley in particular, leaving numerous foot and hand prints! At one time, Gomdhe-Nangchens’ population consisted of so many realized Kagyu yogis, Lamas and practitioners attaining high levels of siddhis. It was common to see lay practitioners eagerly going to meditation spots before and after their daily chores and using their leather or rope herding straps for meditation.